My name is Aryn. You may look through this blog and wonder why I am boring now. Or, why, if I’m not boring now, there is nothing in the blog to say so. The briefest summary of my life now: I live in a collective house which constantly wants work. I have a dog friend, who is called Yammer, who brings mostly joy to my life. We live with some humans, two cats, and many chickens. I take occasional small adventures, and never think to write about them.

Once, I spent a year exploring bits of the large, diverse continent of North America, meeting lots of people, spending time on my own(an exploration in its own right), and learning a lot from it all. Stories from this trip are most of what you’ll find here. I am settled in Pittsburgh for the foreseeable future, and may possibly document other projects here.

If you are looking for the highlights of that trip, try these, I think they might be some of the better posts:

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