Here is a list of some of the books I’ve read and some very brief thoughts. There are certainly a lot from before 2014, and maybe some since, but it is a start. Also a list of books I may someday read. Suggestions accepted.


2 Responses to Reading!

  1. Norman G. says:

    Looked at all your postings
    Everthing is of interest.
    Artwork most crative and very enjoyable to the eye and to read.
    Art appreciation is in the eye of the beholder. Nothing is silly.
    Keep going with this and happy biking and camping.
    Love, G. Norman

  2. Wow.. I am blown away by the diversity of your reading. You are old school. Awesome… Your posts on traveling are wonderful, and the layout and photos here are great, too. So impressed I linked you on my blog. Keep going!


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