7 April report

I started heading west today, which the wind has been supportive of. Camping in Woodstock tonight. 

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1 Response to 7 April report

  1. susan says:

    What did you do on/ for your birthday? We were thinking of you on Sunday. Coming up with a good and Fun story is always good. One time Christine hurt her ankle and was on crutches. This older gentleman at a dinner asked what had happened. She told him the true story which wasn’t exciting at all; he told her she needed to come up with a better story line than that….. have fun with it. So she did. She ended up with a story about leaping small buildings and throwing herself in harms way in order to save some dear soul, etc….. always made the person asking smile at the creative humor. lovely adventure you are on, fun to share it with you via this blog. xo PS: i had a wonderful talk with you momma today. : )


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