Assumptions and guidelines 

Who am I and what am I doing out here? There is no doubt that walking out and going on a personal adventure is a selfish choice, but is it a choice which improves my self? I get stressed sometimes, and feel like I am in the wrong place or doing the wrong things, or not enough, and that the problems of my world are so much bigger than I can have any impact on and where should one start… How, you may ask, is dropping everything and traveling for an extended period of time to help this? That is a good question. My goal is to step back, to be more patient and more honest, to meet more people and have a broader perspective. This is all lofty and theoretical, perhaps. I am moving most of the time. I think a lot, occasionally in a semiproductive way, though mostly I am just entertaining myself. It is too soon to say if I am building good habits for myself out here in the world, but I am definitely going places I’ve never been and meeting new people and visiting friends I haven’t seen in some time. 

This is a most important thing to master: Don’t worry.

I’m not in a hurry, so there is no reason to stress about needing or wanting a break, having a short day or a day off. It is easy to change plans, if they affect other people, just let them know. I’m not on any kind of time line where a couple days will matter. 

I’ll camp when I can, but if it seems unpleasant or is hard to find a spot, I should not let myself worry about whether it is the right time to find some indoor sleeping option. I should use good judgement, but I shold not let fear dictate decisions. If information or sense comes to me after the fact I will do my best to not overthink what I should have done differently. Learn and grow, don’t regret. 

Note: Making the best available choices may be affected by previous choices, and this is what it is, there is no sense in worrying about how a thing could have been different. 

Assumptions: here is where I’m starting when I think about things, it is an incomplete list

Stress is unhealthy and largely unhelpful.

I believe that it is good to be out of doors at least a some portion of time.

I have one life to live and it is good to enjoy it and to do as much as I can with it. I do not believe that there is a higher power or luck involved in my existence, but rather that it is by chance, which is plenty to appreciate.

Choices can only be made once. Sometimes something similar may come up, so it isn’t bad to think about what I could have done differently if it I’m not happy with the outcome, but is unhelpful to dwell on how things could have turned out differently.

Privilege, discrimination, vast injustices, and human driven environmental destruction are real and are problems.

I try to have faith that other people do what they think is right or good, and though we may not come from the same place or have the same base assumptions and so may have very different ideas of what “right” means I try to assume good intentions. (I don’t mean that I’m perfect at this, only that it is how I want to live) 

Ok? Here are some pictures.  

Taking breaks is important for remembering that there is no rush


These are some interesting clouds I saw (from the swing in the above playground)


Another place where a break may be taken. I ducked in here and hung out a bit out of the rain, picked up a book.


I stopped early enough in the evening when I got to Lake Michigan to hike around the dunes in The Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore


This is a water creature I saw


Breakfast on the beach!


I broke a thing! I was trying to slip past a truck parked on the side of the street as I was leaving Chicago, but was too cose and snagged my front pannier on the truck. The bag stayed and pulled the rack with it as I continued forward (until I fell over) and this was not good for the rack. Fortunately I was able to quickly replace the piece.


Last morning sleeping next to Lake Michigan. The sun seems to come up from the horizon so quickly, it was neat to watch.


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5 Responses to  Assumptions and guidelines 

  1. Uncle David says:

    F.M. Alexander said, ‘begin by leaving yourself alone.” Glad to see you are doing that, dearest. Self-flagellation, physical or mental, is counterproductive.

  2. Lucia says:

    Great insights in here! And you’re not being selfish! Self-discovery is important not only for one’s development as a human being, but also as way to connect with the other & world around us.

    Hugs & meow-kisses from Corina and Calcifer!!!
    Keep sharing please 🙂

  3. Joan says:

    Lots of inward thinking; good to do unless it causes paralysis. Your interests seem mainly outdoors, yes? Little about museums, etc. No value judgement, just observation. Keep the pictures coming.

  4. Sheri Young says:

    I love your assumptions! They are so applicable at any age. Actually following them can take years and years of practice. Your journey allows you to strip away all the noise and focus on the assumptions that you want to live by. When you focus on them is when they have a chance to really become a part of your core self. You are doing an awesome thing! Sheri Young (an Evanston friend of your parents, went to law school with yiur dad)

  5. Sheri Young says:

    I also love many of your photos. Sheri Young


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