I am back on the road after a lovely break in Winnipeg. I spent a couple days exploring the city and met lots of wonderful people. Stephen and Rebecca, who took me in no questions asked at request of someone who hadn’t even met me, were lovely to hang out with and made me feel quite welcome, I met many of their friends and family. 

I wandered by myself a bit, through the Exchange District, around the Forks- Winnipeg has two rivers that join up (like Pittsburgh)! I looked at but didn’t go into the Human Rights Museum, which I heard mixed reviews of and so perhaps should have checked out. Visited many art galleries.

the human rights museum building is a bit controversial itself

 Winnipeg has many active community bike shops, I spent a afternoon helping out at the WRENCH, which I quite enjoyed. I miss being part of a space like that…  

these are some painted bears that live between a river and the Legislature building

I’m glad I stayed around Friday. I stopped for lunch and made a friend, who joined me at the Winnipeg Art Gallery for a few hours, showed me some more parts of the city, and happened to have been a professor of Rebecca’s. 

We went to see Cornell West talk at the University of Winnipeg, which was great, he is an excellent speaker and the talk was encouraging. Still processing the talk content, but in short, we all have work to do, improving ourselves and the world we live in.

Late night, went out to a Bike Jam, a big group ride with music, big speakers on bike trailers. Honestly I found it a little stressful, I am actually not great at riding a bike in groups and get anxious with a bunch of people in the same place. I used to like group rides but i haven’t found them (or late nights) so appealing in practice lately. I appreciate going out, and being shown cool things, but actually I am not cool.

Slow day. I’m up in Oakland, sleeping in a kind person’s yard.

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2 Responses to Winnipeg

  1. Norman Gaslowitz says:

    Glad to learn that you continue to enjoy your journey; exploring new surroundings,
    making new friends, having experiences that will always stay with you.
    Stay warm and safe.
    Gr. Norman

  2. mcl22013 says:

    “…actually I am not cool.”

    I beg to differ on this.


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