I’m in Saskatoon 

Trip’s first flat yesterday! Or really Wednesday night, but it was slow and I didn’t fix it till morning. 

I stopped for the day… Somewhere maybe 20 miles past Humboldt. Really, there isn’t much but farms and ponds between there and here. Birds, trucks. Some rolling hills, eventually you crest one and Saskatoon appears out of the pasture.

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3 Responses to I’m in Saskatoon 

  1. John Clark says:

    Aryn: That is quite some accomplishment to have gone that distance and not had a flat tire.
    The country side will not get much more entertaining for quite some time.
    Keep on plugging away.
    Which way are you planning on going to Alaska, through Fort St. John or Prince George?
    St. Catharines

  2. Michael Marsh says:

    We love following your updates during this incedible journey! Keep on keepng on!
    UM, AM, and AHM

  3. Yikes. Sorry for the double misspelling!


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