Sun and schedule

I’ve had a hard time with the heat and sun. I overheat and get sunburned. I wear a hat and long sleeves and put sun block cream on my face and maybe some other parts, then sweat it off, and the mixture of burn and sweat and cream makes my face hurt. In the middle of the day there is usually no shade on the road or near it in many cases, and I’m thinking I should avoid this. Also it is very dry here.

Thursday I took many breaks. I stopped at the farmers market in LLoydminster, and wandered a while in town, which was too early to take so much time off, and the next several hours were scattered with many more sit in the shade chunks of time. When I got to Vermilion I hiked in the park and thought I would stop for the day and get a better start in the morning. This would be a good idea, but instead decided after a bit to keep on. Those last couple hours I felt great, but rode till about 10pm, so getting a very early start would be hard. I was on the road by 6:30, which is earlier at least, and I was able to get a little ways before it got too hot.


Vegreville is home to the world’s largest Pysanka. I also stopped at the farmers market and snacked on greenhouse tomatoes


I took a long break in the afternoon, and I think I’ll be doing more of that. I spent a few hours at the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village, learned about Ukrainian Canadians of the early 1900s.  

I think these are elk… they live in Elk Island.

It was of course still pretty hot around 5, didn’t start to cool off till I was into Edmonton. Staying with a friendly household I connected with through warmshowers.

Maybe I’ll go nocturnal. Maybe going north in the summer isn’t actually for me. Maybe I’ll get used to it?

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4 Responses to Sun and schedule

  1. Nancy Kern Roberts says:

    I’m feeling your heat; once upon a time I changed to night driving going cross country, as it got so hot in th sun during the day! Guess U can’t do that? I see U R figuring it out though. U R very brave, or stoical or dedicated — or all of the above! Good luck. & pray for a bit of rain? 🙂

  2. Norman Gaslowitz says:

    Hi, Aryn
    Try the sun screen, Bull Frog. Designedto wear when swimming. Works for us.
    When bike riding, I usually wear a tennis visor under my bike helmet. No bulk so
    no interference with the fit of the helmet. This gives me more face protection and
    cuts down the glare. You might consider a wide brim sun hat with the center removed.
    Just a thought for you to consider.
    I am constantly surprised, nicely so, at the accomodations you have been able to
    make with so many different people along the way. I find myself saying, “does Aryn
    know everyone, everwhere?” Glad you are doing so well despite the discomforts of
    the weather.
    Ride safe😳
    Love, Gr. Norman.

  3. John Clark says:

    Aryn: My wife and I are at the Canadian tandem Rally in London, Ontario.
    On Saturday one of the participants had a wide brimmed canopy that went over his helmet and gave excellent protection all around.
    If you are still in Edmonton see if there is a Mountain Equipment Co-op store (MEC) there.
    They have a wide variety of accessories.
    Keep on plugging away.
    I enjoy your blogs.
    John Clark

  4. Joan Gaslowitz says:

    Aryn Sweetie,
    You might consider getting in touch with cousin Lara. She is very concerned with sun protection, skin safety, and ingredient standards. If you want, I’ll be glad to either give you her number in your email, or call her and have her get in touch with you. I’ll do nothing without your permission.
    With hugs.


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