A short day

I slept a lot, had a slow morning, a flustering (unnecessary) stop through Grande Prairie. In the afternoon I pulled off to talk with a guy of similar spirit(searching? wandering?), who wished to have done this earlier in life (now has a farm and six kids)… It was nice to talk to a person. The wind is all over, though often encouraging, I felt tired and bored and I wanted to cuddle down and eat things and read and stop moving. I stopped in Hythe to cook, and it occurred to me that I don’t have to wait months or even days to realize that desire, I could just call it an early day now.

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2 Responses to A short day

  1. Norman Gaslowitz says:

    Knowing onesself is half the battle and the road to being in control.
    Good for you.
    Love, Gr N.

  2. Lucia says:

    Yes! You could stop now 🙂


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