24 June

I got into Delta Junction, and to the end of the Alaska Highway, early in the day and spent a few hours there. I’m stopped for the day now near Salcha (Still on AK 2, but now it is the Richardson Hwy). Many moose, none were upset by me or other gawkers. 

Good news for everyone who has asked how long tires last, we have an answer! My rear is in death throes. I patched a spot it ripped today and put some tape inside some other weak seeming spots which is probably not doing much and am running at a low pressure and hoping for the best. It seems to have held out ok for the rest of the day, and tomorrow should be a relatively short day…

Folks do like to ask, though. How many tires do I go through is almost as popular a question as do I ever get lonely or aren’t I scared, and more even than have I lost a lot of weight (my best guess for this is an attempt at justifying to themselves how much work is necessary to get in shape. Sometimes if I’m feeling generous I’ll tell them how much I eat, and leave out that I did before, too…). And I just a couple days ago told someone that they were holding up fine. Sorry guy.

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