I eat mostly berries these days..

I left Vancouver yesterday. I hung out for a bit in the morning, helped a little during farm camp, then caught the ferry over to Salt Spring Island. I took the bus to the ferry terminal in Tsawwassen , as recommended, since it is neither possible to bike through a tunnel on the way nor pleasant to go around or maybe not that great of a ride anyway? I try to take suggestions. It was the first time I’ve put my bike on a bus in quite some time-not because I’m so opposed to it theory, but because it seems like a hassle to unload all the things from it and carry them onto the bus. It went fine, though.

I met some cool people on the ferry, and have run into them since. There are lots of artsy people here, and the island has a lot of open galleries and farms and hills and beaches and a huge lovely farmers/crafters market on Saturdays which I’ve been wandering around. Continuing to explore here, then on to Vancouver Island (at least the southern bit), and back into Washington later in the week. (that is my plan)

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1 Response to I eat mostly berries these days..

  1. Jane Bogle says:

    Hope you see your cousin in Vancouver.


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