It had been a while since I visited with someone I already knew. Not to say Dave and I were close, we’d hung out a few times maybe four years ago, and crossed paths on occasion since. Anyway, he was working Thursday and then left town on Friday, so while it was good to have a friend in the evenings, I was then left to my own devices in his apartment for a couple days. This isn’t much of a story. I left today and tried not to worry after I’d locked the door if there were other things I should have done there. 

I did many touristy things in Seattle, such as visit Bruce Lee’s grave and watch kids climb on the Fremont Troll. I also explored a bit, on foot and bike, with and without new or old friends.

I took a few hours while it was rainy the other day to plan a little, and finally remembered to look up Kat Moore’s band (remember the show I went a month ago? I’m not saying you should or anything), the Supersaturated Sugar Strings which I have since been binge listening to. You can too!

I’m slowly heading south-stopped in Renton now at a park where I noticed a grill still hot, so I put into it a potato which may or may not cook enough to eat(or be burning).

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2 Responses to Seattle

  1. David Geller says:

    Just caught up on reading your blogs for the past month or so. Curious if you have read, or even heard of, The Untethered Soul?

    David Geller

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  2. Lucia says:

    The troll! Kevin and I were there in May!!!! 🙂


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