August 29, 2015 at 07:58PM note

Stormy day, didn’t get too far. Visited the Cape Blanco lighthouse, on the westernmost point of Oregon, where the wind was very strong. Now at Humbug Mountain.

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1 Response to August 29, 2015 at 07:58PM note

  1. Nancy Kern Roberts says:

    I can vouch for your weather report today, as Jack & I are not far away. Our ship is presently sailing south on the Outside Passage, coming from Ketchican ( where it rained & blew all day yesterday, enough to cancel our shore excursion to the Misty Fjords by boat.). Again, as in your area, it has rained all day at sea, with rather a bumpy ride. We land in Victoria tomorrow, so hope for more sun & less rain. Hope to be out with the
    Orkas as U continue south! Monday, Astoria, Oregon,
    & a chance to visit Fort Klapsop where Lewis & Clark wintered over. Looking forward to reading your next blog to see where U will be then! Love following your adventures — good as any National Geographic adventure — and can’t believe we are this near after following U from soooo far away! 🙂


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