Heading north

I thought yesterday would be the start of the part of my journey where I could just walk into the ocean any time I want a break. Turns out (public) beach access is not omnipresent. But I did stop in Akumal to swim with sea turtles and the like in the sheltered bay coral reef there. Renting snorkel things is worthwhile here.

It was a really pleasant day. I visited the beachside archeological site in the morning , and set out from Tulum around noon. I managed to do about half of my riding in the evening, which is a pit more pleasant. I arrived in Playa del Carmen and met up with a daughter of friends of my grandparents who has lived here many years. 

Today I will continue on towards Cancun where I also have a person to stay with. 

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1 Response to Heading north

  1. Lucia says:

    Vallalodid is a great little city 🙂
    I’m glad you got to see Chichen Itza -wasn’t beautiful?



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