I am in Morelia for the night, and perhaps tomorrow as well. It is nice to be in a city every once in a while, with ore to explore than I can manage, vegetarian restaurants, museums, and whatnot. Riding in and out is often less pleasant, but I am at least a little bit a city person… That is ok, right? I’m missing my stove a little these days. It is not expensive to buy food, and certainly not to get tortillas, tostadas, or bread and beans, avocado and tomato, but while there are lots of fresh vegetables in the markets, often not so much in prepared food. I get a lot of avocados and tomatoes, but not a lot others that are good to eat raw and are good for one meal or pack well. Carrots some times. I’m not sure I actually have anything to complain about here. 

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  1. Michael says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Aryn. If you’ll give me an address that could work we can mail you your stove… Let me know if this is helpful. We are enthusiastically tracking your continued journey and the book you gave Annabelle continues to seem fitting!
    Love, UM, AM, and Annabelle


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