28 nov

Sometimes there are roadside stands selling roasted sweet potato! Stopped for the day in Ciudad Hidalgo, where I asked a police guy about camping places in the direction I’m heading and he told me I could stay there, but then I got transferred to an empty infirmary? where a bored nurse watched me eat/ stood at the ready to heat more tortillas (and also talked to me). Going to hang out with her and the guard for a bit. 

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3 Responses to 28 nov

  1. Lucia says:

    Eat all the food you can!!!! Fresh avocados and tortillas are soooo delicious!!!

    Where to next?? 🙂

    You gotta go to Meztitla, Tepoztlan!!!! That’s a great camping and hiking ground! Great town! Also another great place: Guanajuato!!!! Such a beautiful little cobble-town! And also to El Chico y Las Ventanas in Hidalgo, Pachuca.


    Please keep in touch!!


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